Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy October (and Halloween)

Greetings, it's already mid-October and the weather has certainly and pleasantly cooled down.

Currently I'm spending time in Colorado for the rest of October. I've already been considering possible trips for next year including Portland Oregon and even to the UK (and more of Europe, hopefully)!

Anyway, I wanted to also share more of the shoots I've done recently. And the photos are also somewhat Halloween themed! I hope you'll enjoy. :3
And please check out the links if you want to find the items I featuring!

First Outfit:
Vinyl Priest Coat: LIP SERVICE CULT.
White Contacts: PinkyParadise

Second Outfit:
Pendant: Lovesick (Hot Topic)
Contacts: PinkyParadise

Third Outfit:
Red Coat: Midnyte Fantasy (Elegance Fashions)
Pants: H&M

The third outfit was also featured on the Gothic Beauty Facebook Page.

Happy October!

Photography: WEST-IMAGE
Model/Styling: Kyris