Sunday, August 7, 2016

Black Summer

I've been meaning to share some of my Summer outfits!
Especially as instead of typical bright Summer clothes, of course I keep most of what I wear to just a black color scheme.

So heres one of my recent outfits. I actually really liked this one as it's a little different than what I'm used to myself. It's more an eccentric goth look.

 What I like about this long cardigan is it instantly adds drama with it's length but it's lightweight so it's not bulky and is appropriate for warmer weather. If it's too hot to wear during the day, throw it on for the evening. It'll look amazing draping behind you as you walk...

I'm also not a big hat person, but they're so popular and in-style and I've been seeing more appealing ones the last couple years. What I liked about this one was it was black velvet and it's texture actually shows a lot better in person. But I love velvet so that kinda made me want to try it.

 I also took some shots without the long cardigan, which made the outfit a little simpler but actually shows more of the details of some of the other clothes better. Plus it's a little more appropriate for the heat in the daytime. 

Also first time I wore those new earrings! I really love the silver crescent moons but they're a bit too heavy for me... x.x
So, I've put them for sale (link below in the outfit details).

(with links to items)

Boots: YRU
Pendant: Hex Asylum

Shirt: Bodyline
Pants: Royal Bones (Hot Topic)
Earrings: Vintage
Hat: Killstar (Dollskill)
Sunglasses: Midnyte Fantasy

Hope you enjoyed this outfit!
I will definitely try to share some of my other dark Summer outfits before it ends as well. :3

 P.S. Last picture shows a close-up of the crystal pendant I'm wearing.
Such a pretty necklace, I love it. <3