Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Goth

Hi guys, sorry I did disappear again a bit. I swear this time I'm honestly back (and actually home).
I've had a lot going on and a lot of personal stuff to take care of.
But right now that I'm getting some extra recovery time I'm devoting it to things like my blog again. <3
I've been meaning to share one of my Summer looks. Now I'll be honest it's really difficult wearing all black in the Summer heat. Actually painful honestly so most of us really just stay inside as much as possible... but you know when you do have to go outside somewhere, MAKE IT COUNT. XP

Here I'm wearing a simple graphic tee with a cool Sphinx cat with a fishnet underneath. I've always loved layering fishnets under other shirts because they instantly make a shirt more cool. And I just like how it looks.
The cat tshirt is actually a crop top which isn't something I normally do but it's Summer and the trend is back (for some reason).

This is me with my bitch face wanting Summer to be over because I hate it and it's hot AF in AZ.

I also took some pictures with a friend of mine for a change. We actually have been taking photos every once and awhile this whole year which has been fun. :3

I used some other jewelry just to add to the outfit a bit. I love rings and recently got some random ones just so I'd have some I could wear more regularly.
And of course my platforms are Qozmo - Sky from YRU. <3
I love them because they are so high.


Crop Top: Killstar
Fishnet: Lip Service
Pants: Hot Topic
Shoes: YRU

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