Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Warm Winter Days

First post for 2018. <3
So I'm starting with something a little broader than usual. I thought I'd share some of my looks this Winter.
The temperature has flucuated but some days are still surprisingly mild and even slightly warm.
Very easy and comfortable to wear a sweater or light jacket.
The majority of my outfits are pieces from: Dresslily

 Boots: Demonia

This sweater turned out to be one of my favorite items. It's quite comfortable with an easy fit. Sleeves were a perfect length on me. I'm very happy with this sweater.

I love these pants for there cool details. Mine fit slight big but thats simple because the ones available were a size or two up. Still with a belt they fit enough.
 Boots: Demonia

 I feel like a jedi in this haha.
I love the length and shape on this one. However, the faux leather feels rather thin which I find feels strange with the other fabric.

This is an nice easy to wear piece. This is something I'd consider sort of a "basic" staple item for a long-sleeve for my personal style.

One thing I like most was most these pieces are good for layering. So when it's colder you can just layer up a bit more.
I hope everyone is staying warm and stylish for 2018 so far.
Shop at Dresslily to see more of their items!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Black Magick

First Autumn OOTDs.

These outfits are primarily from Dresslily.

I went with a more minimalist nu-goth look with this outfit.
Something with simple and plain shapes but layering to bring out the movement of the clothing. I accessorized with silver jewelry to contrast against the black but without over-powering the outfit.
I'm just not a fan of gold tones honestly.

I liked this outfit because it was somewhat simple and easy to wear yet unique looking. The split cut of the long shirt gives it options for layering.

Tunic shirt by Dresslily
Boots: New Rock

With scarf (something I picked up during a Winter Clearance).

I enjoyed the fabric on this shirt. It has a distressed look.
This shirt was pretty soft and comfortable but ordering a L, I think it fit me slightly big. Sleeve length however on me, was PERFECT.

The last shirt was a plain black tank top. This shirt had a slightly asymmetrical cut and I ended up really liking it!
The fabric was quite soft so I will likely will this fairly often.

The items can be found on the site:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

$25 Budget Halloween Challenge

Halloween on a budget challenge video.
See how I decorated to prepare for Halloween shopping at Walmart.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Glitter Galactic - Space Grunge

I'm really excited to share this particular look! Particularly as it's just such a different type of look than I've often done. I feel like I say that a lot, but it's always true I swear lol.
One of the highlights I centered around this look was the SHOES!

Because they are just too cool, and so shiny!
These are the Glitter Galactic Qozmo by YRU

They are quite colorful, yet the color is subtle at the same time. The colors are dark cool colors (blues, teals, purple etc.) but they shine when the light hits them making the colors really pop too.
All the little glittery specks are little colored gems encrusted on. One thing to be aware of is you will notice some of the little gem pieces fleck off at times but theres so many that I have not even noticed any missing on the shoes themselves.

Be Weird, Be You.

And of course my outfit!
As I mentioned I centered the look on the shoes. I wanted it to be dark of course but a little bit of color to go with the shoes somehow. Luckily my hair was purple so I think it actually helped balance the look.

If I had to describe a style for this, it would be something like Space Goth or Space Grunge.
I also remembered about this blue and black glittery belt I had gotten many years back from Hot Topic. It actually paired great being glittery as well... but of course it hardly showed up in my pictures. XD
Heres a close-up anyway.

Choker: Midnyte Fantasy
Shirt: UNIF
Tank Top: Style By Nicky
Belt: Hot Topic
Pants: Zara
Shoes: YRU

Saturday, August 26, 2017

How To Weat it: Hawaiian shirt

Today I'm discussing how I'd wear something new!

Hawaiian shirts and island type prints are the classic vacation style.
Thankfully they look much more trendy and stylish than in the past! It's not really something I'd typically wear but sometimes I like to challenge myself by wearing unusual things.

Summer's ending but it still seems so hot. I didn't really get to take any great Vacations this Summer but I will be traveling fairly soon!
To prepare for the occasion I've been shopping!

I'd opt for a black background with a more subdued color and pattern. The shirt above I found appealing because I like how black and blue go together.

The shirt is from the site DressLily

Heres a few other items I picked out that I'd wear the look with.

Square Shape Rhinestone Ring

White Camo Shorts

Obviously sunglasses are a must

Bracelet (gotta have accessories!)

This is essentially an extended Summer look. As the heat won't disappear for at least a couple more months.
How do you think you would wear this or a similar style?