Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Street Geek

Hello! Without getting distracted I wanted to share one of my style looks this year. I've truthfully been away from social media this year. I took sort of a break from it due to different reasons. One of the most recent is simply because I started streaming on Twitch. And honestly streams are pretty time consuming. However I have no intention of abandoning my social media or taking my style photos.

In fact, if anything I've done a lot of shopping this year and I have tons of outfits I want to put together! One thing this year is I've gotten a bit more casual with my style. Do not fret though I still adore the visual kei and many other alternative styles so much. It's just it feels hotter every year so I needed to figure out how to dress more comfortably in truth haha.

Shoes are Puma Fenty Sneaker Boots by Rihanna collection
Of course I still love my platforms (thats not gonna change!). I don't usually wear sneakers at all but I found these shoes and just thought they were different and pretty cool. I loved the platform and the side zipper, they had enough non-traditional elements to just make me want them. And honestly I actually loved wearing them and found them easy to style with. The white seemed like it'd be a weird contrast but I found even with all black outfits just having pops of white contrast helped tie in the shoes so they weren't out of place. I even tried it with a few outfit changes you can see below.

 Paint Splatter Jacket from Forever 21 Men

 Sweater Shirt from Killstar

My Outfits: (top to bottom)
Glasses: Calvin Klein from America's Best
Backpack: Chelsea 28

Shirt: Punkrave
Shirt: Forever21+ Plus
Jeans: Topshop from Nordstrom
Shoes: Puma Fenty from Nordstrom

Paint Splatter Jacket: 21men
Intarsia Sweater Top: Killstar

P.S. As I mentioned here is my twitch link for anyone who'd like to join me to say hi on my streams:

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Warm Winter Days

First post for 2018. <3
So I'm starting with something a little broader than usual. I thought I'd share some of my looks this Winter.
The temperature has flucuated but some days are still surprisingly mild and even slightly warm.
Very easy and comfortable to wear a sweater or light jacket.
The majority of my outfits are pieces from: Dresslily

 Boots: Demonia

This sweater turned out to be one of my favorite items. It's quite comfortable with an easy fit. Sleeves were a perfect length on me. I'm very happy with this sweater.

I love these pants for there cool details. Mine fit slight big but thats simple because the ones available were a size or two up. Still with a belt they fit enough.
 Boots: Demonia

 I feel like a jedi in this haha.
I love the length and shape on this one. However, the faux leather feels rather thin which I find feels strange with the other fabric.

This is an nice easy to wear piece. This is something I'd consider sort of a "basic" staple item for a long-sleeve for my personal style.

One thing I like most was most these pieces are good for layering. So when it's colder you can just layer up a bit more.
I hope everyone is staying warm and stylish for 2018 so far.
Shop at Dresslily to see more of their items!