Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wig Review for RoleCosplay

Today's review is for the website RoleCosplay!
RoleCosplay is a cosplay website that supplies costumes and accessories. They also have a ton of cosplay style wigs!
I'll be showing you my my two newest wigs I got from their site.
The first is a blue asymmetrical cut wig. It's super cool! I love the unique cut and style. The wig is short but with two long sections at the sides.
On the rolecosplay website this wig is suggested as a wig for the character Asada Shino from the Sword Art Online series.

The second wig is a long wig. I really found the color for this wig unique to any of the other wigs I've owned. I love the pale pastel blue color. I've been curious to try this color on myself sometime and as this was a great way of doing so! Especially without damaging my hair at all.

Whats really nice about this long wig is that the fibers feel thicker and stronger. So they don't seem to get really tangled like many other long wigs.
I still advise you to brush your wigs with a soft brush or a wig brush if you have one.
And I've noticed when I do so with this wig it smooths out quite well.

I am very happy with the wigs from RoleCosplay.
There are so many other wigs I also saw and liked so I definitely plan to look around more too.

As I also mentioned they have other types of cosplay accessories and costumes so they are a great cosplay resource.

Last, please use coupon code "kyris" to save 10% off any order on the rolecosplay site! <3