Friday, April 29, 2016

Uniqso: Wig Review

 I am just now getting around to doing my wig review for Uniqso!
Uniqso is a store I mentioned in an earlier post about some of their other items, particularly their contacts.
However today I'm doing a review for one of their wigs!

I meant to do this earlier but after returning home from a trip it slipped my mind the wig had arrived and I just recently found it again!

  To start, my wig arrived sometime in March (while I was out of town actually).
My order was shipped in a plain poly envelope and inside the wig was packaged in another plastic bag.
 The delivery was pretty standard but the real magic is in the wig itself!
I ordered this one:  Cosplay Wig - Touken Ranbu Online - Kogitsunemaru

It's a cosplay wig for the character Kogitsunemaru from Touken Ranbu Online.
And although the character does look rather cool I loved the style of the wig itself.
I was very pleased with how the wig matched the product picture so well.
On top of that the wig was also already pre-styled and had shape, this is really nice as since this is meant as a cosplay wig it makes things very easy to just wear and get on with your cosplay (or just to look cool right?).

 I was really happy overall with my new wig. I loved the style and how it looked. And it seems like a great wig to use for a potential cosplay of the intended character (or possibly even others).

I also found the service from UNIQSO to be helpful and friendly.


Quality: 10/10
Service: 10/10

Value: 10/10

A perfect score because it's exactly what I wanted and expected!

I highly recommend Uniqso for wigs! And although I don't own anything else from there store yet they have other things besides wigs like contact lenses as well so they are an excellent shop for cosplayers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

~Fashion and Jewelry

Currently I'm in finals week!
I only have a couple more classes til I'm graduating (finally!). Despite that I'm always still working on my fashion and hope you'll enjoy my newest review.

Today's outfit is all about the modern trendy edgy style. Nowadays things I already love like all black outfits and platforms have quite the following.
However looser fits aren't something I've worn so much but I decided to experiment with it.

Today's review is a familiar site I've shown before, it's banggood!

Banggood is an affordable online store that not only offers clothing and accessories but many others things as well.
As usual I'm focusing on fashion so I'll talk about some new stuff I got!
In fact, I'll be doing a part two of this review for the remaining items.

                                                                     Irregular Batwing Shirt

As I mentioned baggier, looser fit clothes aren't something that usually suits me but I picked out this one shirt because I liked the print and it's sort of unique look it had.
It sort of looks like a type of inverted photograph, kinda fitting for me anyway since I love photography but I also like subtle more abstract things.

Anyway, after wearing this shirt I'm really pleased with it and the looser fit is actually extremely comfortable particularly with warm weather. On top of that, I even like the oversized fit it has, the cut of the shirt still looks good without being shapeless.
It's also available in two colors, check it out here for under $10!

Now moving on to some jewelry. I got several jewelry pieces and they're really affordable so you can easily bundle several together and still get a lot for what you pay for.

First I got these two rings because I thought they were pretty cool and unique.
And I like interesting jewelry like this.

                  Butterfly Joint Ring                                                               Double V Ring

I also got a couple necklaces as well.
I liked them as well. Though I should mention I got the black color of the triangle pendant and it's a bit more like a dark silver.


                   Triangle Pendant (Black) 
                                                                           Ball Chain

Shoes: YRU Qozmo Sky (Black)

There's also a sale for 15% off jewelry for Mother's day!
So now is a great time to get some jewelry for yourself!
Coupon code: 2744E4

So check out banggood for yourself and see what you can find for yourself!
And don't forget to check in soon for my part 2 of this review coming soon!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

~In The Dark

A photo-set from last Summer I just recently got to start sharing!
This was a wonderful shoot working with some new people (full credits below)!

The style of the shoot was a bit darker but in sort of a fantasy style. Sort of like a darker fairytale. I was very much inspired by my character to be something like a raven with the black feathers.
The metal finger armor is from an Italian Jewelry designer known as Myril Jewels. You can find their etsy shop here!

Photography: Brittany Hogan
MUA/H: Karla Lambert
Model: Kyris
Finger Armor: Myril Jewels

I can't decide which of these I like more, the color or black and white.

Hope you enjoyed one of my newest shoots. I will have more to post as always soon!