Monday, June 29, 2015

~Sleek Chic

Recently I got to wear my first item from CNDirect.
I've had my eye on this jacket for awhile, I really liked the shape and layering. The coat has a very modern chic look, even a bit futuristic.  I was very much looking forward to wearing this item when it arrived and now I have some photos to share of it!

I'm wearing the "Winter Woolen Overcoat" (click for link).
You can find this item for sale in multiple size on the CNDirect website.

First Impression:
I loved the coat, it's really something different for me as I don't own anything else like this. I particularly like the difference in texture of the woolen material and the contrast of the faux leather trim. The coat can be worn open and loose for a more relaxed look. But I think the layering of how the coat closes is really what makes it unique. To close the coat, simply snap the knob on the right of the coat and fold it over the back (towards the neck). The snap fits securely so be gentle when unsnapping it. One other point I want to mention, this is a unisex item that I think will appeal to anyone but the item is sized for women, I recommend (any gender) to go a size (or two) up from your regular size. The sizing is for an Asian size, when in doubt it's always better to go a size up.

How I Styled it:
Of course, I had to wear all black for this outfit. This coat reminds me very much of a sort of a modern take on a ninja if they had street-wear. The full black outfit I think also keeps the outfit simpler and has a more minimalist appeal. I also had the perfect pants for these! Some black skinny pants with faux leather panels, I loved how this matched so well with the texture of the coat. I wore some of my simpler boots, some combat boots with buckles.
Also, my hair currently has a bit of an unusual cut at the moment, but I think it sort of fits for a more modern look.
I think the coat is very trendy and stylish, when closed it's more mysterious and when open it's more casual but versatile.

What I'm wearing:
Coat: CNDirect
Rings and Belt: H&M
Sunglasses: Second-Hand
Pants: Hot Topic
Boots: Target
Contacts: Solution-Lens

 My Conclusion:
 This is the first item I've received from CNDirect but based on this positive experience and their vast selection of fashionable clothing, I would highly recommend them for both their good service and for their excellent clothing. Remember this particular coat is currently for sale on their website, you can go directly to it if you click the links above where I list what I'm wearing.

Photos taken by Ekliptik Mirror Photographiks.

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