Monday, June 22, 2015


I have a new post and am excited to share a review about a new contact lens shop!
The shop is

The parcel arrived today from Thailand. Which was less than 2 weeks in total delivery time.
But inside, I found the contacts were wrapped up in a woven type of basket and even had free gifts! This was a lot of fun unwrapping and discovering. You can see the nice presentation of everything included in my photos as well. :3

 A little about me and contacts...

- What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?
My natural eyes are brown, and I often wear lighter color contacts for something different. These lenses adequately cover my natural eye color.

- What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?
My favorite contact colors are blue, grey and crazy colors! (like white, violet or even gold/silver). I've never had any brand preferences as I always paid attention to color.

- Do you often wear color lenses ? I wear contacts pretty often, particularly during photoshoots. I would say I wear them at least several times a week.

I was so excited to try them on, I wore the contacts immediately.

- Where did you find our store ?
I found while browsing for contacts through google.
- What contact lenses do you like on our store ?
 I like a lot of the different lenses on the store and in general!
However, some of my favorites are the "Vassen Mermaid Mori" contacts
(from left to right)

- Is our website easy to visit / browse ?
The shop was simple to navigate for me. I shop by color for contacts, but you can also choose brand or price preference as well.

- Is our customer service good / quick ? As I had mentioned the shipping was really quick! So I found customer service to be very prompt and efficient, the gifts they included also make you feel excited and appreciated when you open up the parcel. <3

- What do you think about lens color ? The color is excellent, it is a blu-ish grey (like steel blue gray). I like this color a lot. You can see the lens color on my eye in my photos.

(Natural Outdoor Light)
 (With Camera Flash)

- What do you think about lens comfort ? I didn't experience any type of discomfort while wearing these lenses. Comfort is very important to me because I've experienced discomfort many times from other contact lens retailers. I wore these contacts for around 6-7 to hours and did not experience any discomfort. I was very happy to find these lenses comfortable. :3

- What do you think about lens enlargement ?
Great! I like my contacts usually more natural shaped and size. So I'm very content with the lens enlargement.

- What is your overall opinion about the lenses ? I really enjoy these lenses, they are versatile but add a lot of subtle drama. They are the perfect lenses for me when I don't know which to choose.

- What is your overall opinion about our store ?
 I loved my experience with solution-lens. I found navigating their website easy, and the shipping was quick (less than 2 weeks, international!). And of course the contacts I'm very pleased with. I highly recommend solution-lens!

You can also join in their giveaway as well here to win free contacts. :3

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