Monday, September 7, 2015

~Summer Style

Since Summer is coming to a close, heres a recent "Summer style" look I did recently. Love all these accessories.
Even with simple clothes you can really make your own style with the right accessories.
Here I'm also wearing some of my first colored sunglasses.
Typically I usually wear black sunglasses but the bit of color can work nicely as contrast to the rest of your outfit.

The color I'm wearing is Type 6 (Black Blue) and guess what they are for sale for less than $2!
Plus there are several other color options as well.
You can get your own sunglasses like these from Dresslink.


  1. Those sunglasses are really cool! Loving the blue :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah the blue color was kind of nice for a change since I always just go for full black sunglasses almost always otherwise. >3