Tuesday, September 15, 2015

~Back In *Mostly* Black

I have some new looks to share today!

I did three different styles with an emphasis on  slight changes to show how much you can change up your outfit with even one or two different things.
I tried more of a nu-goth look for this and as always you can let me know what you think or what you liked most. Several items are from www.dresslink.com as well.

Outfit 1
This was my favorite. I just love this sheer black duster! It's lightweight, easy to wear and it really gives you a sense of character and has that sort of witchy, mysterious look. One of my favorite things about it as well is the sleeves, they're extra long, which means they fit even my rather long arms (and I love when long sleeves cover my full arm).

Sheer Duster Cardigan: Dresslink
Tank Top: Tony Hawk
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: YRU

Outfit 2
Sheer Shirt: Dresslink
Necklace: ShePaintsWithBlood
Sunglasses: Dresslink

I love the shape of these sunglasses. They're really quirky but dark and full of attitude.
Both the sunglasses and the sleeveless sheer shirt I am wearing over the tank top are both from Dresslink!

Outfit 3
My third and final oufit was definitely the most different from my typical study. Floral and colorful patterns are quite trendy, particularly for Summer/Spring. The modernized kimono cardigan is also quite popular right now.  The one I am wearing is a sheer blue kimono top with floral pattern from Dresslink once again. Even though it's bright and colorful, I stayed true to my own style and kept the look edgy and dark.

Kimono Top: Dresslink


  1. Love all the 3 looks :)
    The sheer duster is really witchy and cool.
    Those sunglasses are so unique and really suit you well. As well as the badass shoes <3
    That kimono top has awesome colours! Dark and outstanding :D

    1. Thanks Lindwormmm!
      Yes the sheer duster is really aweasome, never really found one this long before so I love it. And they shoes from YRU I just got recently they're super cool! I'm sure you'd look cool in them too. :3

  2. You are absolutely stunning in whatever you wear, but the casualness of the sheer shirt and sunglasses really makes your natural beauty stand out! But they're all wonderful :) thank you for being so amazing and such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much, thats so nice of you to mention!