Sunday, January 24, 2016


So I have my first post to share for the year!

I am happy to post these photos as I'd been dying to try out these shoes I got last year but hadn't worn them much yet.

What I'm wearing:
Qozmo Sky Hi Platforms: YRU
Vassen Dolly Green Circle Lenses: PinkyParadise - Largest Circle Lens Store
For sale here:

Leggings and Wig for sale on my Poshmark Closet.

When I first saw these insane platforms I just knew I had to have them. So I had actually bought these last year and anxiously waited to get a perfect outfit for them. I knew it had to be something that wouldn't overshadow the shoes.

So I went with these striped leggings. Leggings seemed about the best choice for these shoes as I can't imagine pants really going well with them.
The shirt is a cool long-sleeve I got for the cooler weather as I just honestly don't have enough cool long-sleeve shirts.

And of course the wig is something completely different for me. It's a custom mix color wig with black and purple. I don't wear wavy hair styles so it's not really my usual thing but I think it's ok to try something new once in awhile. And I liked how the purple stands with the black and white of the full outfit.

These same style leggings are also for sale (links at the top) by myself!
But the ones you buy will actually be brand new. :3
The wig is also for sale if interested. :3

 Hope everyone is having a fashionably fantastic start to their year.

Photography: Ekliptik Mirror Photographiks
Model/Styling: Kyris


  1. wow those shoes really are stunning! love how huge the platform is :)
    That wig looks super amazing on you :D blue <3

    1. Thanks a bunch! These shoes are crazy aweasome, I love them. Definitely the tallest platforms I own. >3

  2. Those platforms are to die for!<3
    I do need some leggings like those too, so thank you for sharing. :)


    1. Of course!
      And the platforms are pretty aweasome I would recommend if your looking for an ultra platform shoes. :3