Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Banggood: Wishlist!

First website to share of the year!

For the month of January I've been quite occupied... and I've taken *many* photos of so many things I will soon be sharing! But I recently came across a new shop I wanted to post about.

This shop is Banggood and they offer fashion for both men and women. And even many other things such as beauty products, electronics and home items.
But of course we'll focus on the fashion. :3

Heres some of my picks I found while just browsing on the site.

                                          Womens Fashion

                                     Highneck Lace Blouse


                                           Beaded Turtleneck Blouse

                                            Tassel Leather Jacket

                                       Mens Fashion

                                Multifunctional Canvas Crossbody Bag
                          British Style Double Breasted Jacket

                                  Skeleton Print T-shirt
I am just loving that leather jacket the more I see it!
And even the bag which although isn't a typical color of mine has such a cool and unique style, I almost want to try it out.
There are many other clothes on the site as well, as this is just a small sample of some of the things I found and liked. But theres many more stylish pieces to be found and I am still looking at the moment myself!
Heres a few coupons to help you save some extra cash too!

Winter Clothing sale
 -- up to 50% off

14% off for Valentine's Gift -- Code: Love214(ends Feb. 14th)
Women Top Sale -- Code: 72b7c4 (ends Mar. 31st)

Visit Banggood now to start shopping! 

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  1. These all would suit you so well!
    My favourites are the lace shirt and the double breasted jacket :)