Sunday, February 7, 2016

Love for Lenses

 Hello! I thought I would do this post with something a little different than my usual fashion posts and do something about lenses. I'm sure it's obvious to most but I love contact lenses!
Thats why I wear several different colored contact lenses as it's a really fun way to change how you look.
I've tried quite a number of colors before and it can be a fun way to experiment with your style.

I'd say one of my favorites is sort of a grey blue color and I have some lenses in this color and I wear them pretty often. :3
But I also love crazy more Halloween style contacts because they're just a lot of fun to play with!

Heres some pictures of me in my different lenses.

Btw I found a new great place to see lenses!
It's called UNIQSO
And they also sell wigs and costumes etc. (wig review coming soon btw!)
If your looking for another site to get circle lenses I think it's worth checking them out.
Plus they're also having a Valentines Sale on all pink items!

Enjoy my code "kyriskat" to get 10% off any order!


  1. The yellow contacts look especially amazing with your purple hair!
    I really really like the blue ones on you too :) suits you!!

    1. Thank you! Yes the yellow/gold contacts contrast extremely well. Really fun to wear!
      And the blue is nice as it's a little more versatile to wear anytime. :3