Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vampire Doll

Heres part two from my of my last reviews (Fashion and Jewelry).

I went with a gothic style for this as I thought it would all go well together.

As this is a continuation from one of my last reviews I'd like to focus on some of my accessories.

I loved how the blue crescent moon necklace matched the hair color.

My whole look is a bit more costume-y than typical fashion but I tried make a goth look thats still modern and edgy. Something that I feel has my own take on the styles.

I loved the shape of the velvet tail coat.

My black lace parasol completed my look, it's the perfect functional accessory for dark and elegant fashion lovers.

You can also find the parasol for sale in many different colors aside from black if your looking for something more colorful.

Moon Necklace: Banggood
Lace Parasol: Banggood
Velvet Coat: Midnyte Fantasy

Lacing Shirt: H&M
Pants: Royal Bones
Boots: Hot Topic

                                                       Lace Parasol


  1. this must be my new favourite post from you :)
    you look super perfect! that lace parasol is especially amazing <3
    thanks to the beautiful background I can imagine you as a lovely character in an amazing vampire/fantasy/horror movie! :D

    1. Thanks, I really do love this kind of style too!

  2. First time here for me. You are very attractive love your style. I'll be making more stops. Keep up the beauty. ciao bellissmo