Friday, April 29, 2016

Uniqso: Wig Review

 I am just now getting around to doing my wig review for Uniqso!
Uniqso is a store I mentioned in an earlier post about some of their other items, particularly their contacts.
However today I'm doing a review for one of their wigs!

I meant to do this earlier but after returning home from a trip it slipped my mind the wig had arrived and I just recently found it again!

  To start, my wig arrived sometime in March (while I was out of town actually).
My order was shipped in a plain poly envelope and inside the wig was packaged in another plastic bag.
 The delivery was pretty standard but the real magic is in the wig itself!
I ordered this one:  Cosplay Wig - Touken Ranbu Online - Kogitsunemaru

It's a cosplay wig for the character Kogitsunemaru from Touken Ranbu Online.
And although the character does look rather cool I loved the style of the wig itself.
I was very pleased with how the wig matched the product picture so well.
On top of that the wig was also already pre-styled and had shape, this is really nice as since this is meant as a cosplay wig it makes things very easy to just wear and get on with your cosplay (or just to look cool right?).

 I was really happy overall with my new wig. I loved the style and how it looked. And it seems like a great wig to use for a potential cosplay of the intended character (or possibly even others).

I also found the service from UNIQSO to be helpful and friendly.


Quality: 10/10
Service: 10/10

Value: 10/10

A perfect score because it's exactly what I wanted and expected!

I highly recommend Uniqso for wigs! And although I don't own anything else from there store yet they have other things besides wigs like contact lenses as well so they are an excellent shop for cosplayers.


  1. so happy to hear that you like that wig
    the colour is so cool :D

  2. It is suggested that you purchase a lace wig with French lace as Swiss lace is extremely delicate and should be professionally applied. Straight lace front Wigs