Saturday, August 26, 2017

How To Weat it: Hawaiian shirt

Today I'm discussing how I'd wear something new!

Hawaiian shirts and island type prints are the classic vacation style.
Thankfully they look much more trendy and stylish than in the past! It's not really something I'd typically wear but sometimes I like to challenge myself by wearing unusual things.

Summer's ending but it still seems so hot. I didn't really get to take any great Vacations this Summer but I will be traveling fairly soon!
To prepare for the occasion I've been shopping!

I'd opt for a black background with a more subdued color and pattern. The shirt above I found appealing because I like how black and blue go together.

The shirt is from the site DressLily

Heres a few other items I picked out that I'd wear the look with.

Square Shape Rhinestone Ring

White Camo Shorts

Obviously sunglasses are a must

Bracelet (gotta have accessories!)

This is essentially an extended Summer look. As the heat won't disappear for at least a couple more months.
How do you think you would wear this or a similar style?

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