Sunday, September 24, 2017

Glitter Galactic - Space Grunge

I'm really excited to share this particular look! Particularly as it's just such a different type of look than I've often done. I feel like I say that a lot, but it's always true I swear lol.
One of the highlights I centered around this look was the SHOES!

Because they are just too cool, and so shiny!
These are the Glitter Galactic Qozmo by YRU

They are quite colorful, yet the color is subtle at the same time. The colors are dark cool colors (blues, teals, purple etc.) but they shine when the light hits them making the colors really pop too.
All the little glittery specks are little colored gems encrusted on. One thing to be aware of is you will notice some of the little gem pieces fleck off at times but theres so many that I have not even noticed any missing on the shoes themselves.

Be Weird, Be You.

And of course my outfit!
As I mentioned I centered the look on the shoes. I wanted it to be dark of course but a little bit of color to go with the shoes somehow. Luckily my hair was purple so I think it actually helped balance the look.

If I had to describe a style for this, it would be something like Space Goth or Space Grunge.
I also remembered about this blue and black glittery belt I had gotten many years back from Hot Topic. It actually paired great being glittery as well... but of course it hardly showed up in my pictures. XD
Heres a close-up anyway.

Choker: Midnyte Fantasy
Shirt: UNIF
Tank Top: Style By Nicky
Belt: Hot Topic
Pants: Zara
Shoes: YRU