Monday, March 7, 2016

Sheer Black (Review for

Hello everyone, I have another review today!
The weather has been very pleasant so it's been really comfortable to wear most clothing and Spring type outfits. It's also even been hot some days too so it feels like Summer even already sometimes...

My review today is for some items I got from

I got three different things, two shirts and one sunglasses.
The order came in two separate packages, the sunglasses arrived first and the two shirts came together about a week later. Everything was individually packaged and neatly folded.
All the items reviewed are available for purchase in the highlighted links. :3

Since the sunglasses arrived first, I'll go ahead and start with them!
I've really been liking sunglasses more and more and I was definitely happy with these ones!
They're a wide black frame and have a darker purple tint. I don't have any other glasses like them so they're both a welcome addition to me and something I really already have enjoyed adding to my outfits. The darker tinting also helps with the sun of course so it's both practical and nice looking. And they're for sale from for under $5! So they're quite affordable. Furthermore I was happy to see the material was not flimsy and the glasses stay well on my face and I found them comfortable. Overall I was very happy with these sunglasses. You can get your own pair here!

My outfit:
Sunglasses: Banggood
Leopard Jacket: Rue21
Skull Shirt: Banggood
Pants: Forever21
Nana Boots: Hot Topic.

Moving forward to the other items I ordered. I chose two different sheer style black shirts.
One being a short sleeve mesh shirt and the other being a long-sleeve blouse with ribbon necktie.

I tried the mesh t-shirt first as I thought it was cool and casual. I also found that it went perfectly with my new sunglasses!
The t-shirt is fully sheer with a solid black block on the front that reads "PARIS" in white letters. I thought this was just a way to make the shirt a little unique rather than being fully plain. The shirt was very easy to pair with a solid black tank. The t-shirt is a somewhat shorter cut on me as I'm fairly tall but I didn't mind as it's so easy and perfect for layering.

I thought the tshirt is pretty great for something easy and casual and pairs well with jeans or anything black really. The style is trendy but also edgy and cool so I was definitely really satisfied with this shirt too.

Sunglasses: Banggood
Mesh T-shirt: Banggood
Jeans: H&M
Necklace: Givenchy
Bracelet: Cryoflesh

My last item to review is the long-sleeve blouse.
I was really looking forward to this item as I have always liked the look of these kinds of shirts. Especially when they have the long necktie ribbons.

Like the tshirt, this shirt is also sheer but a bit less transparent. I personally like it buttoned up and tied up with the ribbon as I find that to be the highlight of this shirt. And I've been wanting a shirt like this for awhile!
I was also happy that the sleeves were longer for the size I got (I am wearing a size L). The shirt also drapes nicely and comfortably which is another thing I like about these style blouses and the light material keeps them comfortable. This shirt is also available in white as well and I'm even considering getting that one for the future! But you can find this lovely shirt available for purchase here!

Sheer Blouse: Banggood
Sunglasses: Banggood

Hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful! Especially if you are considering ordering from banggood, I found I was definitely pleased with my items. The site also offers order tracking as well so I was able to easily track the status of the items I ordered!
Happy Shopping. :3

Click here to shop at banggood now!


  1. I'm such a big fan of your hair :D
    These items are so cool!
    that blouse is super amazing <3 the necktie ribbon looks so special and is such a lovely detail :)

    1. Thank you so much!
      And I agree, I love the necktie. :3

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